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Jefferson Parish has developed a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) database using aerial photography and field investigations.
Jefferson Parish makes no warranty as to the reliability or accuracy of the base maps, their associated data tables or the original data collection process and is not responsible for the inaccuracies that could have occurred due to errors in the original data input or subsequent update process. The Parish assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of any subsequent copies of the data or any undetectable errors due to electronic transfer of the data from system to system or system to disk.
Jefferson Parish, its officers and employees assert their full legal rights under governmental immunity for any liability arising from any act of omission or commission with respect to the information furnished.
The user assumes all responsibilities for verifying the accuracy of any Features, Dimensions or Data furnished which may be critical to the intended use of this data. This Data is NOT to be used as a property survey of any type, legal or otherwise.
In providing data (or access to it) the Parish assumes no obligation to assist in the use of the data, or in the development, use or maintenance of any applications applied to the data.

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